Why Cutis Diagnostics

Dermatology-focused Testing Services

Cutis Diagnostics is a premier provider of comprehensive diagnostic services focusing on dermatopathology. Our specialty is rapid, accurate skin and nail unit testing having analyzed over 2 million samples. Our dermapathology team provides not just information, but also insight to enable better patient care.

Like You, We Specialize in Dermatology

We are the premier provider of diagnostic laboratory services focusing on the skin and nail

  • In-network status with all national 3rd-party payors

  • Compliant patient-friendly billing policies

  • 24 hour in-house turn-around time for routine specimens

  • HL-7 compliant web-based reporting
  • Reports with digital photomicrographic imaging

  • Clear and concise diagnoses with therapeutic options and literature references

  • Dedicated customer service team

  • Board certified dermatopathologists with 60+ years of collective pathology experience
  • Pathologists available for consultation 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST

We Provide Reports that Provide Insight

Cutis’ reporting methodology provides more than basic information—what we call “insight”. We empower the treating physician with actionable information to enable you to provide better, more timely and cost effective health care for your patients. For example, with our proprietary DNA (PCR) technology we can accurately identify the causative organism in onychomycosis from a nail sample which enables you to promptly prescribe targeted anti-fungal therapies.

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