Molecular DNA (PCR)

Rapid, accurate DNA (PCR)-based testing to identify genetic materials for onychomycosis

DNA (PCR) Turnaround Time: 1-2 Days

Accurate Pathogen Identification for Prompt and Targeted Anti-fungal Treatment

  • DNA (PCR) has been shown to be twice as sensitive as culture when identifying dermatophytes as the causative organism

  • Organism identification complemented by highly sensitive histochemical stains without substantially increasing turnaround time

  • Organism Genus and Species may be required for prior-authorization of antifungal medications

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PCR Technology Workflow for
Onychomycosis Testing

Cutis’ proprietary, patent-pending DNA (PCR) technology identifies the genus and species of the fungus causing onychomycosis enabling proper use of therapeutics and appropriate coverage within the FDA indication


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Our Reports Provide Insight into Onychomycosis

Cutis’ DNA (PCR) report identifies genus and species while providing medically relevant information to help optimize care

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National Health Plans’ Requirements

Antifungal pharmacy programs require positive lab report at the species level and reference DNA (PCR) availability

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